Andreas Observatory Spectrograph Manual

Paul B. Eskridge

Department of Physics & Astronomy
Minnesota State University
Mankato, MN 56001


Bias Correction

    Mean Bias Properties
    2-D Bias Properties
    Medianing of Bias Frames
    Guide Bias Properties

Dark Correction

    Dark-Test Procedure
    Reduction of Dark Frames
    Analysis of the Dark Tests
    2-D Dark Properties
    Strategy for Obtaining Dark Frames
    Guide Dark Properties

Flat-Field Correction

    Internal Lamp-Flats
        Lamp-Flat Test Procedure
        Reduction of Lamp-Flat Frames
        Analysis of the Lamp-Flat Tests
        Strategy for Obtaining Lamp-Flat Frames
    Illumination Correction
        Sky-Flat Test Procedure
        Reduction of Sky-Flat Frames
        Analysis of the Sky-Flat Tests
        Strategy for Obtaining Sky-Flat Frames
    Preparing a Combined Flat-Field Frame

Pointing and Focus

    Pointing Procedure
    Focus Procedure
    Focus Stability Tests

Spatial Scale Tests

    Guider Pixel-Scale and Field of View
    Images Pixel-Scale and Slit Length
    Strategies for Binning

Wavelength Calibration

    Calibration from Emission-Line Lamps
        Overview of Lamps and Lamp Usage
        Alignment Tests
        Wavelength Calibration
        Spectral Resolution
    Calibration from Telluric Lines



Updated: 2011 August 18 [pbe]