Astronomy 115-2 Spring 2015

Life in the Universe

Paul Eskridge

Department of Physics & Astronomy, Minnesota State University

Time: W: 2:00 to 3:45 PM

Place: C310 Trafton Science Center

Required Text Book: "Life in the Universe", Pierce, Brown-Walker Press 2008

My office is N-152 Trafton Science Ctr.
Phone: (389)-1840
Office Hours:  M 11-5, T 2-3, W 11-12, 4-5, H 2-3

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Course Syllabus and Class Notes

Comments and Information on Grading

Course Grades

Any student found using a cell-phone during any examination or quiz will receive a zero on that examination or quiz.

There will be several homework and in-class assignments over the course of the 
semester.  These will all be equal weight, and contribute a total of 30% to 
the final grade.       

There will be a Mid-Term exam: on March 4.  It will take one hour of 
class, and contribute 10% to the final grade.

Students are required to write a term-paper.  The paper is due Friday May 1.
It will contribute 30% to the final grade.  Students are required to 
submit a topic outline of their proposed paper on March 25.  This will 
be returned with comments by April 1.

Final exam:  Friday, May 8, 2:45--4:45
The Final Exam will count 30% of the final grade.

Make-up Policy: No make-up for final exam.  No early finals.
                Make-up tests will be offered only with prior arrangement.
                Medical and family emergencies will be the only exceptions.
                In such cases documentation MUST be provided.

Paul Eskridge (

Revised: 2015 January 10