Astronomy 125 Fall 2016

Observational Astronomy.

Paul Eskridge

Department of Physics & Astronomy, Minnesota State University

Time:  MW 1:00 to 1:50 PM, Nightime observing is required.
Place: C114 Trafton Science Ctr.

Required Books & Materials: Magnitude 6 Star Atlas, Dickinson, Edmunds Sci.
                            Star & Planet Locator, Edmunds Sci.
                            National Audubon Soc. Constellations, Mechler & Chartrand, Random/Knopf

My office is N-152 Trafton Science Ctr.
Phone: (389)-1840
Office Hours:  M: 12-1,2-3 T: 11-12,4-5 W: 11-1,2-5 H: 11-12
Course Web-page:

Course Syllabus and Class Notes

Comments and Information on Grading

Any student found using a cell-phone during any examination or quiz will receive a zero on that examination or quiz.

Exams: Three tests in class : September 26
                              October 26
                              November 30

       Tests will total 30% of the final grade (10% each).  

       Final exam: Monday December 5, 12:30--2:30PM
       Final Exam will count 20% of the final grade.

       The remaining 50% of the grade is Observing Points.

The following is an approximate grading scale:

                    85-100% -> A
                    70- 84% -> B
                    60- 69% -> C
                    50- 59% -> D
                     0- 49% -> F

The actual scale will not be harsher than this.  Please feel free to ask about
grades (or anything else) if you want to.

Make-up Policy: No make-up for final exam.  No early finals.
                Make-up tests will be offered only with prior arrangement.
                Medical and family emergencies will be the only exceptions.
                In such cases documentation MUST be provided.

Paul Eskridge (

Revised: 2016 August 16