Astronomy 215 Fall 2013

Astronomy and Astrophysics I

Paul Eskridge

Department of Physics & Astronomy, Minnesota State University

Time:  TH: 2:00 to 3:45 PM

Place: C-114 Trafton Science Ctr. 

Required Text: "Foundations of Astrophysics" Ryden & Peterson

My office is Room N-152 Trafton Science Ctr.
Phone: (389)-1840
Office Hours:  M: 11AM - 2PM, 3-4PM, T: 1-2PM, W: 11AM - 2PM, H:1-2PM, F: 1-2PM

Course Web-page:

Course Syllabus and Information

Homework will be assigned every one to two weeks throughout the semester.
Unless otherwise stated, all assigments will be due one week after they are
passed out.

Homework will total 40% of the final grade.

There will be a Mid-Term exam on October 15.  It will contribute 20% to 
the final grade.

The Final Exam will be Monday December 9, 12:30-2:30PM.  The Final 
Exam will count 40% of the final grade.

As this course has a small enrollment, I am giving myself a great deal of 
flexibility in assigning grades.  Following is an approximate grading

                    80-100% -> A
                    70- 79% -> B
                    60- 69% -> C
                    50- 59% -> D
                     0- 49% -> F

The actual scale will not be harsher than this. Please feel free to ask about 
grades (or anything else) if you want to.  

Make-up Policy: If you know about a conflict in advance LET ME KNOW IN
ADVANCE TOO!!!!.  If something comes up, come talk to me about it.

Paul Eskridge (

Revised: 2013 August 21