Course Syllabus

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August 27-31 (Week 1): Organizational Meeting & Observatory Visit

September 4-7 (Week 2): Nothing Happened This Week

September 10-14 (Week 3): Measurement of Starlight

September 17-21 (Week 4): Steps in CCD Calibration and A First Observing Session

September 24-28 (Week 5): Further Steps in CCD Calibration

October 1-5 (Week 6): Unix, IRAF & VISTA Basics

October 8-12 (Week 7): Discussion of Vista Procedures for Bias and Dark Correction

October 15-19 (Week 8): Discussion of Procedures For Flat-Fielding, Cosmic Rays and Stacking

October 22-25 (Week 9): A Second Observing Project, Discussion of Aperture Correction

October 29 - November 2 (Week 10): A Second Observing Session

November 5-9 (Week 11): Nothing Happened This Week

November 12-16 (Week 12): Some Problems Arise

November 19-21 (Week 13):

November 26-30 (Week 14):

December 3-7 (Week 15):

Our first observing session will be devoted to obtaining calibrated photometry of stars in an open cluster.

If time permits, we may attempt other projects.