Astronomy 357 Fall 2013


Paul Eskridge

Department of Physics & Astronomy, Minnesota State University

Time: M: 2 PM

Place: Trafton C-114

Required Text Book: Howell (2006) "Handbook of CCD Astronomy" 2nd ed.

My office is N-152 Trafton Science Ctr.
Phone: (389)-1840
Office Hours:  M: 11AM - 2PM, 3-4PM, T: 1-2PM, W: 11AM - 2PM, H:1-2PM, F: 1-2PM
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Course Syllabus and Information

Observing Report Status

The basic format of the course will be as follows: We will meet occasionally at the scheduled (day-time) meeting time. We will also meet at night at Andreas Observatory. Observing sessions will, of course be constrained by weather as well as our schedules.

I expect that we shall be able to complete as many as three observing and analysis projects in the course of the semester. Some of this work will be aimed at characterizing the capabilities of the instrument.

All students will be required to keep an observing notebook, and submit that notebook to me at the end of each observing session. I will have them ready to return to you by 5PM the next day.

All students will be required to submit final reports on each observing and analysis project that we complete during the semester.

All students will be required to design a spectroscopic observing program that is possible to accomplish with facilities that currently exist. This program does not have to be something that we can do at Andreas, but it must be possible to do someplace. It should have a clear scientific goal, and the required signal to noise, spectral resolution, and observing time need to be worked out properly. This project is due by noon Monday December 9th.

There will be no exams.

At the end of the semester, we will set up times to discuss the course on an individual basis. Essentially, I will be asking you what grade you should get in the class. If our ideas on that differ we can discuss the matter. I am quite serious about this -- I will not assign you a grade until after you meet with me.

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