Course Syllabus

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August 26-30 (Week 1): Introduction, Instrument Overview

September 3-6 (Week 2): A First Observing Session

September 9-13 (Week 3): Basics of Spectroscopic Data Analysis

September 16-20 (Week 4): Data Reduction Cont.

September 23-27 (Week 5): Data Reduction Cont.

September 30 - October 4 (Week 6): Data Reduction Practice cont., Observations of M15

October 7-11 (Week 7): Illumination Correction and Wavelength Calibration

October 14-18 (Week 8): Links for MK Classification, Details of Illumination Correction

October 21-24 (Week 9):

October 28 - November 1 (Week 10):

November 4-8 (Week 11):

November 11-15 (Week 12): Wavelength Calibration

November 18-22 (Week 13):

November 25-27 (Week 14):

December 2-6 (Week 15):

Our first observing session will be devoted to taking spectra of bright stars for standart MK classification.

Possible Observing projects for the future

Spectral flux calibration

Observations of stars that deviate from the standard MK classification

Luminosity spectral classification of stars

Studies of spectroscopic binaries

Kinematic stellar spectroscopy

Spectral diagnostics of stellar populations

Spectroscopy of composite stellar populations (globular clusters and galaxy nuclei)

Spectroscopy of HII regions

Planetary spectroscopy

Below is a list of books I have taken from the Library and put on reserve in TN379:

Berry & Burnell (2000) "The Handbook of Astronomical Image Processing"

Berry et al. (1994) "The CCD Camera Cookbook"

Emerson (1996) "Interpreting Astronomical Spectra"

Hearnshaw (1986) "The Analysis of Starlight"

Herbig (1970) "Spectroscopic Astrophysics"

Howell (1992) "Astronomical CCD Observing & Reduction Techniques"

Jaschek & Jaschek (1987) "The Classification of Stars"

Kitchin (1995) "Optical Astronomical Spectroscopy"

Martinez & Klotz (1998) "A Practical Guide to CCD Astronomy"

Sarwar et al. (2005) "UNIX: The Textbook"

Tennyson (2005) Astronomical Spectroscopy

Tonkin (2002) "Practical Amateur Spectroscopy"

Williams & Livio (1995) "The Analysis of Emission Lines"

Wodaski (2002) "The New CCD Astronomy"