Family Stuff

Here are some great shots from my wedding, taken by my friend and photographer Leonard Swiat.

It's just old Luke, and Luke's waiting on the Judgement Day!

  • The judgement day has come and gone, and Luke is really Cora. This is she at about 1 day old:
  • Dancing with momma at a week:
  • Arguing with dad at two weeks:
  • Serious camera-mugging at six weeks:
  • Cuddling with her (great)Aunt Jill at about 2.5 months:
  • We took a trip to the Pacific Northwest when Cora was 4 months old (and, no, that isn't me):
  • Very thoughtful for a 5-month-old, don't you think?
  • She still likes bathtime as a 7-month old:
  • She likes hanging out with her buddy Colin:
  • Cora's first birthday: She discovers cake and ice cream:
  • I can't believe my daughter is a 15 month-old Cosmo-model!
  • And still is at 17 months.
  • Is that ALL? Christmas 2K.
  • I'm starting to worry about these two

    Can you find Chuckles's Star? Or Angela's Star?

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