An Odd Collection of Curios

I finally realized I needed to set up a family page.

A friend of mine used to work in the MIT library system. So here's their Master-List of web-resources. The Switchboard is a good place to look for people. Another interesting source of information is The UCSD GPO Gate. The guvmint runs FedWorld. It shows.

Wanna do some drams? Howzabout Drams redux. Not to mention cigars and, "Bring us the wine, the new wine, dying on the vine."

"Don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows." And for that, I say, "No time like the present."

Two handy documents for these odd times. After you've finished reading the 1st Amendment, check out the CIEC page. If you should happen to want to contact YOUR congress-critters about this, or anything else, you can look here to see if they have e-mail yet. I think it's a generational thing, but I believe US politics is inherently corrupt. I also think that being a Libertarian means you are equal parts sensible and raving loon. If you think that's right, you might be interested in this. After that, check out my favorite political page.

This attempt at organizing all the politico pages I've stumbled across is still in its early stages. But as a first cut, let's move from the Dem-Rep crap to a more interesting set of possibilities. Given my profession, I'll start with the Pugwash page. And, even in these days of Camille and the neutered Newt, a page about feminist politics. Or (after just mentioning my disdain for doctrinaire libertarians) the politics of environmentally sustainable economics. To me, this seems very closely related to the National Coalition for the Homeless page. This is also the place to mention the Greens, the ACLU, and the Land Trust, and World Peace Builders pages. Being a crusty old fart (tm), I was quite pleased to stumble across the SAGE page. I was likewise thrilled to find out the Wobblies are on-line.

The US Forest Service has decided that they have the right to nullify the US Constitution by administrative edict. Here's their take on the subject. I will note that Forest Service Employees aren't as rapacious as the head honchos.

Moving even further afield, how about some rainbow politics? I recently discovered that the above reaches at least as far as Japan! Here's a fun boho page. There's also a good page on videos for spaceheads. Although they haven't got Jack Spicer on the team yet, the Dharma Beats are a shoe-in for the CBA Series. And, just to ground this a bit better, here's a resource page for environmental studies, a page on wilderness preservation in Utah, and a Ghandi page.

I don't know about you, but I've always thought the phrase "liberal media establishment" was right up there with "jumbo shrimp" and "military intelligence" on the oxymoron chart. Frankly, anyone who thinks that any major US corporate culture is "liberal" should be a good target for swamp-land salesmen. That being said, there ARE a bunch of really interesting (and tiny) "progressive" media outlets on the net. The World-Wide Free Press and the Muckraker Archives are a few quirky examples. The Multinational Monitor is more straightforward, as is New Dimensions.

This is my rant-and-rave section, wherein I tell you about things like the Phil Zimmerman (the inventor of PGP -- look here too) defense fund. I also point out that *nothing* ever really disappears from cyberspace. Don't believe me? Check here or here.

Okay, so what about legal issues? There are generalists pages for the Federal Judicial Center, and their links to court opinions. Then there are more specific sites, like the Federal Rules of Evidence. Or a topical index to Supreme Court decisions.

I'm beginning to see that I'll need an anthro-cultural section. I'll start it off with some overview pages for Native American resources, and a page on Native American treaty issues. Followed, in no particular order, by Abernaki, and Oneida pages. The NativeWeb page has a global scope. Switching gears drastically, I'll also include a page on The Lighthouse of Alexandria.

I guess I have to include some music links too. Here are the Hot Tuna, Phil Ochs, and Merl Saunders pages. David Grisman has a DawgNet page that covers both his own music, and his AcousticMusic label. There are a bunch of Dead pages, including the official one. A lot are tributes to Jerry Garcia. I like Bill Weir's (no relation). And there's this nifty zine with a Jerry-issue. There are also things like 24 years worth of setlists. Here is a particularly extensive site. The AOL'ers have their own site. Of course, if you are interested in actually *playing* music, then you may be looking for something different. Something like the Earth Drum Council.

I'm not much of a tourist board, but here are some fun sites. Close to my previous home, how about Atlanta? If you should happen to be stuck in Birmingham in mid-June, you should go to CityStages. Farther afield, there's the Anasazi page. Of course, you can't be there without getting there. Here's a page that might make that a little cheaper. If you're a world traveller, you might want to look at the Embassies page.

Sometime you've just GOT to have a burrito!

I don't care much for Religions, but luckily, spirituality needs no Religion (and despite Ronald Reagan's loopy assertion to the contrary Freedom of Religion *does* mean Freedom FROM Religion). That being said, here's a link to a Bhagavad-Gita page. I've also found a nice Baha'i page, and a *very* extensive page for Islam.

"You don't have to have a point to have a point!"

I've never worked for a company, and I'm not an engineer. But I still love to read Dilbert! I was sorely tempted to put This Modern World in the politics section, but I decided not to.

I like cats well enough. But Lynn *really* likes CATS.

You never know when you'll need to reach DabniCorp! So be sure to talk to DEI if you need a job, and to DarbWeb if you don't.

So you want to go to college, do you?

This was written on a SUN, so I guess I should have a link to SUNSite.

I read a bunch of this Life Extension stuff. But it's hard for me to tell what makes sense and what's really flaky.

I work on my own cars. Some. Less and less, these days. If you do too, or if you just like em, you might want to poke around in the autozone.

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